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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?


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7/05 to 9/05


09/26/05   Other Suggestions: Dehydration

Added new section:

Effects: Cholesterol


09/13/05   Notes

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09/13/05   Other Suggestions: Dehydration

Added section:

Risk Factors

To the section:

Things to Consider: Urinary Incontinence


09/13/05   Notes

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09/06/05   Other Suggestions: Keeping a Checklist

Added new section:

Seasonal Topics


09/06/05   Other Suggestions: Breathing

Added new section:

Humidification: Measuring Humidity


09/05/05   Other Suggestions: Dehydration

Added new section:

Things to Consider: Urinary Incontinence


09/05/05   Other Suggestions: Dehydration

Moved the excerpts in the section:

Depression--Tryptophan, Serotonin, Melatonin, Histamine

To the section:

Arousal: Depression: 'Dehydration: Tryptophan, Serotonin, Melatonin, Histamine'


09/04/05   Research Topics: Miscellaneous

Added some excerpts to the section:

Personality Types: Celts


08/31/05   Arousal: Allergies

Added new section:

Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy: People with Amalgam Fillings


08/31/05   Notes

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08/23/05   Muscle Tension: Take a Shower in the Morning or Before You Go to Work

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08/17/05   Notes

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08/15/05   Nutrition: Water

Replaced the link:

EPA: Office of Water: Water On Tap, What you Need to Know (USA & Territories)

with the link:

EPA: Local Drinking Water Information (USA & Territories)


08/10/05   Arousal: Allergies

Added link:

Other Suggestions: Breathing: Humidification

To the section:

Causes: Histamine, Water Rationing System


08/09/05   Notes

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08/06/05   Posture

Added a link to the section:

Eye-Level Monitor Placement

which was missing


08/03/05   Site Update

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08/02/05   Notes

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08/02/05   Research Topics: Syntonics

Added 3 excerpts


08/02/05   Other Suggestions: Dehydration

Added link:

NIH: National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse: Constipation

To the section:

Effects: Constipation


07/30/05   Posture

Removed the section ‘Weak Hamstring Muscles’.

“It is a fact that stronger, more limber muscles are less prone to these kinds of repetitive motion injuries.

·         You'll want to concentrate on strengthening the muscles of your upper back, rear shoulder (this includes the rotator cuff muscles), spinal extensors, obliques, gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings.

·         Likewise, you'll need to concentrate on stretching the muscles of your chest, back, hamstrings, hip flexors and neck.

·         Many, many individuals have excessively tight hamstrings (the back of your thigh) and chest muscles as a result of sitting at a computer or desk.

·         The imbalances that result from weak, inflexible muscles can lead to many avoidable aches, pains and injuries. Exercisealso helps control your body weight and reduce stress, two additional factors to consider.”

Mt. Airy Messenger: Ask the Fitness Pro: Repetitive stress injury


Weak Hamstring Muscles

What are the Hamstrings?

Hamstrings are the muscles in back of the knee and thigh that bend the knee. Hamstrings


Lower Back Pain

"Another cause of low back pain is weak hamstring muscles..."

Hip injuries: Snapping hip syndrome (tight iliotibial band) (PDF, 2.96 MB)


Lower Back, Pelvis Misalignment

"A common mistake…is spending less time strengthening the hamstring muscle group, the muscles that oppose the quadriceps [front of leg]. Weak hamstrings can cause misalignment of the

·          pelvis and

·           low back."

Hip injuries: Snapping hip syndrome (tight iliotibial band) (PDF, 2.96 MB)


Thigh Exercises and Stretches

"Maintain good knee strength and flexibility and warm up before activities. The hamstring stretch and the knee-to-chest exercise are examples of exercises you can do to strengthen and stretch the leg muscles, especially the muscles in the thigh (quadriceps and hamstring)."

Knee Problems and Injuries: Prevention


Without Exercise Machines

·  Hip Extension


With Exercise Machines

·  Knee Flexion



"Hamstrings Weakness

Increased risk of knee injury (instability) during knee extension activities, specifically when knees are flexed lower than 90°. Hamstrings / Quadriceps strength ratios should be greater than 56% to 80% depending on the population tested…" Common Muscular Weaknesses


Things to Consider

·          Posture: Weak Glutes


07/27/05   Notes

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07/18/05   Notes

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07/14/05   Notes

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07/04/05   Notes

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07/04/05   Notes

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07/04/05   Research Topics: CFIDS

Expanded on the note in the section:

Low Blood Volume: Suggestions: Recommendations


07/01/05   Research Topics: Miscellaneous

Added an excerpt to the section:

Personality Types: Amish


07/01/05   Posture: Weak Glutes

Added an excerpt to the section:

Suggestions: Hip Flexors (stretch)




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