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The Cause of Internet and TV Addiction?


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03/30/04        Indoor Air Pollution: Plants

Added new section Charts

Updated the section Recommended Books


03/30/04        Vision Suggestions: The Bates Method

Added new section: Accommodation: Tips


03/29/04        Suggestions: Muscle Tension

Added new section Arm Tension


03/29/04        Posture

Added a note to the section:

Common Postural Deficiencies


03/27/04        Posture

Added new section:

Common Postural Deficiencies


03/26/04        Indoor Air Pollution: Ions

Added new section:

Summer SAD


03/26/04        Indoor Air Pollution: Negative Ions

Added an excerpt to the section:

Air Purifiers


03/25/04        Indoor Air Pollution: Positive Ions

Added new sections:

·        Combustion

·        Mobile Positive Charges

·        Static Positive Charges


03/24/04       Vision Suggestions: Binocular Functions: Light Sensitivity

Added new section Movie Theaters


03/22/04       Suggestions

Moved the research topics:

·        Electromagnetic Waves

·        Humidifiers and Vaporizers

·        Ions

·        Negative Ions

·        Positive Ions

·        Plants

·        Screen Filters

to the new category Indoor Air Pollution


03/21/04       Research Topics: Adrenaline

Added a link to the section Related Topics


03/21/04        Research Topics

Added new topic Adrenaline


03/21/04        Suggestions: Posture

Added new section The Lumbar Region


03/20/04        Other Suggestions: Sleep on Your Back

Added an excerpt to the section:

Don't Sleep on Your Side or Stomach


03/18/04        Arousal: Allergies

Added new section:

More Information: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity


03/17/04        Research Topics: Screen Filters

Added new section Tips


03/17/04        Research Topics: Screen Filters

Added new section LCD vs. CRT Monitors


03/17/04        Research Topics: Similarities with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Added new section:

Symptoms: Self-Stimulating Behaviors


03/17/04        The Brain: Serotonin

Added new section Allergies


03/17/04        Research Topics: Endorphin Addiction

Updated the section Effects of Endorphins


03/16/04        Research Topics

Added new section Screen Filters


03/16/04        Research Topics: Electromagnetic Waves

Added new section Suggestions


03/15/04        Research Topics: Brainwaves

Added new section:

Alpha Brainwaves: Synchronous Alpha


03/15/04        Vision: Binocular Functions: Amblyopia

Added three excerpts to the section: Treatment: Passive Therapy (Occlusion)


03/11/04        Research Topics: Ions

Added an excerpt to the section:

Effects on the Brain: Serotonin


03/11/04        Research Topics

·        Moved some sections from the topic Negative Ions to new section Ions

·        The sections 'Negative Ions' and 'Positive Ions' are now listed under the section 'Ions' in the table of contents


03/11/04        The Brain: Serotonin

Updated the section

Overproduction of Serotonin


03/10/04        Vision Suggestions: 3D Stereo Images

Added new section Shortcomings


03/09/04        Other Suggestions: Exercise

Added new section Things to Avoid


03/09/04        Research Topics

Added new section Electromagnetic Waves


03/08/04        Other Suggestions: Sleep on Your Back

Added new section:

Things to Consider: Nasal Blockage


03/08/04        Other Suggestions

Added new section Nasal Obstruction


03/08/04        Research Topics: Plants

Added new section Recommended Books


03/07/04        Other Suggestions: Breathing

Added new section Exercises


03/07/04        Research Topics: Brainwaves

Added an excerpt to the section:

Alpha Waves: Description


03/06/04        Other Suggestions: Exercise

Added new section:

Aerobic Exercise: Walking


03/04/04        Suggestions: Arousal

Updated the section:

Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs)


03/04/04         Suggestions: Arousal

Added new section:

Trans Fatty Acids (TFAs)


03/04/04        The Brain: Serotonin

Added new section:

Diet: The GI Tract, Dairy


03/04/04        Research Topics: Plants

Added a note about Boston ferns


03/02/04        Research Topics: Negative Ions

Moved the section Natural Sources: Plants to a separate research topic


03/02/04        Research Topics: Positive Ions

Added new section Other Sources


03/02/04        Research Topics: Negative Ions

Added a lot of excerpts to the section Natural Sources: Plants


03/01/04        Research Topics: Positive Ions

·        Renamed the section 'Computer Monitors' to 'Computer Monitors, Static Electricity'

·        Added some information about anti-static monitor filters to the section Computer Monitors, Static Electricity


03/01/04        Research Topics

Added new topic:

Humidifiers and Vaporizers


03/01/04        Muscle Tension: Muscular Imbalances

Added some information about quadriceps 


03/01/04        Research Topics: Frontal Midline Theta Rhythm (Fmθ) and Blinking

Added link Vision: Binocular Functions: Convergence Insufficiency to the section Things to Consider




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